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Life in bigger cities is fast and busy. No one has time. Everyone is busy to reach to the office early simply because as the day progresses there will be traffic jams and other hassles that will delay them reach office. Those who have a family have the privilege of having some breakfast prepared or lunch prepared for them by the time they are ready to leave for office. But in modern times this is getting faded out - thanks to the nuclear family concept.

If you have been associated with such a busy lifestyle, you would know that there is nothing much better than home cooked food during lunch time!

Start With -
To jump into this business you should have at least the following two
1. A taste for food.
2. Passion to cook.

Start Business -
Once you have established your business and have a regular client base, then you can take a plunge into the bigger arena and for this you should have the following 

1. You should have the knowledge and be able to cook at least 7 different recipes
2. Hire Delivery Staff
3. Hire Assistants

Lastly -
1. Hire Cooks

The Business Plan
1. To start with, prepare a list of items or dishes that you can cook easily. Classify them into Breakfast Dishes and Lunch Dishes. This is just to get your menu prepared. Take a feedback from people. The feedback is not to be taken from your immediate family as they will in most cases appreciate whatever you cook. Take the feedback on your cooking from friends, neighbors. This will give you an idea of the response that you can get from your customers at the start. Once you have established your business, then this is not a major factor though.

2. Once you are through the first stage with plenty of positive feedbacks, and have made the necessary changes, if needed, in your dishes, start off with providing breakfast at the morning hours right in your house or nearby, if you can get a place. Get the feedback and prepare a list of your regular visitors.

3. After a couple of months of successful business, ask them if they would like to have their lunch supplied at office. Trust me, if your food is good, many will agree and not mind shelling out an extra (but affordable) price for having the good food. If you have a few customers, you can start off with delivering them the food right at their office.

4. Gradually, the number of clients will increase. Remember that good tasty food is the need of everyone. Once your food enters an office, the co-workers of your clients may also get interested. So this business will grow.

5. Once the number of clients increases, you can hire people who can deliver the lunch packs to various offices. You can go for hiring Students or other people in your locality who are in search of jobs and have not found a job yet.

6. Lastly, as the business grows and you want to take a break from doing it all by yourself, you can hire a chef or cook for the purpose of cooking.

Earnings, Investment
To start with the investment will be for about a week or two. This is to find out your clients and make a mark. This is the most important phase of your business. If you survive this, then you can think of getting into this profession.
Keep the prices to the minimum at the start. You can charge higher when your clients are set and you realize that your prices are much below the competitive prices. But do not hike the prices too much. Remember that you will earn more by having a larger client base instead of charging higher. These clients will stay with you for many months to come.

Legal Requirements
1. You might have to take permissions from the Authorities to start off with a Food Business.
2. You may also be required to get a clearance from the Food Authorities who will need to make an inspection about the food / dishes that you make in terms of Hygiene and others.
3. You might also be required to maintain documents for Taxation.
Consult your legal advisor about the rules prevalent in your locality with regards to the above and how to go about it.

My Recommendations
1. Keep yourself open for suggestions on making the dishes tastier.
2. Interact with your customers on a regular basis and ask them what special they would like to have during Holidays
3. You can also start the lunch on holidays before you ask clients for office delivery. This will give you an idea of how good your food is and how many customers will be interested.

Happy Cooking


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