Beware of Frauds on the Internet!

I joined Boodaq on 28th May 2009 after I had started recovering from my illness. I was vey much excited about the opportunities that offered.
The website promised that I could earn a huge amount just by clicking the emails that it sent me. I went on to follow the site and fond it an easy way of making money. I had been told by my doctors that I would be unable to lead a normal life and would have to spend almost the rest of my life at home. I was happy because if allthis was correct then I could earn some money and contribute towards the expenses. So I registered withthem as the registration there is free and waited to get mails from them. The mails started pouring in and soon I was happy that with the given rate of emails, reaching out the minimum payout with them.

They offer the following:
1. Free Membership - any one can join
2. A minimum payout of $10.00 - easy to achieve
3. $100.00 in your account when you join
4. Each paid e-mail is worth $10.00

All this seemed ok till I reched the minimum payout withthe. I was happy that I would get $10.00 into my paypal account. But it has been about 4 months now and they have not paid me a single dime. I know that this may sound stupid and wrong as their site basts of the Minimum Payout and other stuff. See the pics below for yourself -


Even the emails that I send them regarding the payments have never been replied. Here is one proof for it -

Hope you are not misled by the words that they say and the promises they make.

I got traffic to my website... what next?

Now that I have mentioned how to get traffic to your blog or website , the next thing that needs to be discussed is the fact that how does one make the visitor surf or stay on your website or blog. Well,the answer to this variess from visitor to visitor. The traficc pulling sites are great in case you just need traffic. But whether the visitor is a prospective client or not it depends on what the visitor is looking for and wht your website or blog is offering.

To get prospective clients to your site, there are a couple of ways -

1. Get your website or blog optimised.
Most of us have searched for information over the internet using some or search engine. Optimisation is the art  of getting higer rankings in the search results of the search engines. For this one needs to have the services of a professiona optimiser who will make modifcations and changes in your webiste which will enable your website or blog to appear higher in the search engine results pages.

2. You can also try manually placing links into search directories which are willing to advertise your site on their pages. There are two different kinds of such directories -
a. Free directories - They allow your advertisements to be included for free and on some occassions need your website or blog to link back to them in return. This a batter idea to start with if you are plannning to publicise your blog or webiste.
b. Paid inclusions - These directories ask for money and in return publish your advertisements on thier sites.

There are other methods of getting traffic to your website also. I will be discussing them in later posts.

Hope this post was useful to you.


Earning on the Internet: Part I

Trek Pay

I have been using the internet for quite some years now. At the start, it was fou usual chatting purposes. With the passage of time I started to use Internet for learning purposes. Then I started working on the Internet and jumped into website development, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

When I fell ill and had no income for quite 6 months, I had lost all hopes of living a normal life. By the time I had recovered and was able to start walking, it was something like - "You have been out of job for so many months" at some places and "You are a sick and ill person. How will you be able to work..." at the others. Gradually I started losing hope of finding sources of income and supporting my family.

Then one day I realised that I could start taking classes from home and do some earning. So I started off with some advertisements in the locality where I stay and soon I had 12 students to start off with my first batch.

Now,I have somewhat improved health-wise and can devote some time to earn something extra. This is where I met "Win" my friend from Socints. She suggested me quite a few places where I could find for that extra income. Earlier, I had already joined a couple of PTC (paid-to-click) webistes that had promised me a minimum payout once I reachd an amount of $25,000 with them. It had been several months that I had reached this amount but was never paid a dime from them. So when "Win" recommended me this site, I was a bit skeptical. But then she siad that she had been paid from this website many times. This made me feel some trust for this site. So I joined this site and have been associated with them for some days now. Within this period I found that every word that was told to be my my referrer - "Win", and the webiste has been true so far.

Following are some facts about this website:
1. Payout is done via Paypal
2. The minimum payout limit is $5.50. This means that once you have this amount with you, you can request for a payout
3. The payment amount is calculated every Thursday or Friday.
4. The site works on a Points system. The point system is quite explicitly explained for every link they put up for clicks. Some clicks earn me 1 point while some others earn me 3 points.
5. The best part is that the ads (links for clicks) keep coming the whole day. So there is practically no limitations for making points. You can have ads for clicks in the morning... then some new ones during the day and even some more new ones later in the day. This sets Trek Pay apart from other PTC sites.

Sounds Intersting? Have a look here.

Get Visitors to Your Blog or Website for Free

Most of us who have a blog or a website are always on the lookout of getting traffic to their website. I too own a website and have been on the lookout for getting traffic to it. I have laready tried some Search Engine Optimization but the fact is that this will take its own time to get effective.

Google and other search engines do provide the facilities of buying sponsored links but I am unwilling to invest any amount. The reason is that I do not have the funds to spare. Most of us will not want to spend money to get noticed on the search engines. The other logic is that I understand (and believe that many of the internet users too understand) that the paid and sponsored links are to be avoided while searching for any information. So if I am unwilling to click on the sponsored links, I have to believe that none on the Internet will. This is another reason that I avoid the paid links system. Again, I work from home and as such, it is just a small business in which I do not want to invest. I want to earn first and then think of investing to make the business grow.

I had been searching for alternatives using which I can get traffic to my website. Recently I found a webiste that mentions the following -
1. Human Clicking. This is great for a website or blogs. This ensures that you do not have visitors from one computer or the same IP. So in case you have google Adsense on your blog or website, you can remain free from tensions.
2. Method - They send emails containing links for your page or blog to others. In return they expect you to check the links from others to you. This means, it works benefitting all.
3. As they allow you to create an account fro free, they have some limitations too.But I think that these have to be accomodated as I get the service for free. Rules like - you should not have any porn content on thesite, there should not be any popups, you need to click for some adverts on the site to gain points and hits.

Well, in case you feel that this is a better way to get some traffic, or would like to know more, then please follow the links to see for yourself -

Hope you find these useful and get benefitted. 
Oh yes, I joined the sites a few days back and had 40 visitors within 3 days.

Use Google Sites to Upload and Place Links of Files For Download

Many a times we bloggers have the necessity to place content, especially links to files, for download purposes. This is because Blogger/Blog spot and even other Blogging Sites like word press, do not allow their users to place content except their own pictures, images or videos. I had tried several methods but most of them failed.

We are aware that there are plenty of free websites that allow you to host your files like - Scribd
for word files, Flicker for Pictures, You Tube for Videos and a whole lot of others. The disadvantages with most of them are that these files are hosted on their web space and their availability depends on their rules and regulations.

In this post I will be explaining the steps to host a file with Google itself. The reason for selecting Google is that Google owns the Blogspot and hence Google's services gel/blend well with this blog sphere.

Following are the steps that you can follow to place links to your files inside your post
A. Register with Google Sites for free. You should have a google account for this purpose. This ID will give you access to all the services provided by Google. So in case you do not have a g'ID then
create one. Its just an email Id that works well for almost all of their services.

This place allows you to have some space (100 MB) on the Internet and the files can be placed here. Once the account has been created and you log into the Google Sites, google prompts you to create a site. Click on the create Site Button. You will be displayed the following page -

On this page:
1. Type in a name for your website. it will be a folder inside the
2. Type in the decryption for this website
3. If you plan to show Mature (Adult) content you must select the Mature content Button
4. Share with: Ensure that you select everyone in this world can view the site. This is because you want the content here to be made available for all on the Internet
5. Choose a Theme: Select the theme that your website should have. It should go by the color
combinations you selected for your blog theme.
6.Then enter the Captcha and finally click the create site button
Once done you will be taken to the Home page of the site you just created.

As our objective is not to create a web site, I will not be mentioning on how to manage this website in terms of creating pages, navigation bars etc.. Instead here is the process to upload the files(Pdf's, or any other files) that you want to share -
7. After creating the site, and moving to the home page of this site, you will see a More Actions Button on the top right hand side. Click to see the options - and select Manage Site.

This will take you to the site manager window.

On the Site Manager, click the Attachments Button on the left hand side to display the attachments page.

Click on the Upload button located on the top left to get the upload file dialog box. Specify the file and upload it. Once uploaded, it should reflect on this page.

Once you have this attachment displayed, move your mouse pointer to the file name. Right Click and Select Copy Location. This is the Link which will be placed in the blog post.

Now come back to your Blog Post manager. In the Editor, Select the text that you want to link for this file. Click the Link Button and paste the link that was copied. Viola. You are done. Publish the Post and verify the download works correctly or not.

Hope you found the tutorial of use. Your feedback is essential.

About the Blog

I have been using the Internet for quite several years and over the time I have realised that it is quite a potential tool for almost finding almost everything out there.
But when we start searching for something on the Internet we mostly end up in reaching places (websites) that on many occasions do not give us what we wanted in the real sense. As an example, I had been looking for Earning options on the Internet which gave me assignments without charging any fee but promising me to get paid once I reach a certain amount. I pulled up the results from google search and was happy to land up with several such sites. I registered with some of them. Unfortunately after spending several hours working for them, I realised that they are not going to pay me unless I become a premium member with them, which means that I pay them to get paid.
This is just an example of what happened with me. So I decided to give you all the information you need which would help you in getting your work done faster and in a more efficient manner.
On this blog I would be posting content related to several subjects including programming, designing, website blog management and of course, earning on the Internet.
Hope that you would find the blog interesting and useful.

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