Earning on the Internet: Part I

Trek Pay

I have been using the internet for quite some years now. At the start, it was fou usual chatting purposes. With the passage of time I started to use Internet for learning purposes. Then I started working on the Internet and jumped into website development, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

When I fell ill and had no income for quite 6 months, I had lost all hopes of living a normal life. By the time I had recovered and was able to start walking, it was something like - "You have been out of job for so many months" at some places and "You are a sick and ill person. How will you be able to work..." at the others. Gradually I started losing hope of finding sources of income and supporting my family.

Then one day I realised that I could start taking classes from home and do some earning. So I started off with some advertisements in the locality where I stay and soon I had 12 students to start off with my first batch.

Now,I have somewhat improved health-wise and can devote some time to earn something extra. This is where I met "Win" my friend from Socints. She suggested me quite a few places where I could find for that extra income. Earlier, I had already joined a couple of PTC (paid-to-click) webistes that had promised me a minimum payout once I reachd an amount of $25,000 with them. It had been several months that I had reached this amount but was never paid a dime from them. So when "Win" recommended me this site, I was a bit skeptical. But then she siad that she had been paid from this website many times. This made me feel some trust for this site. So I joined this site and have been associated with them for some days now. Within this period I found that every word that was told to be my my referrer - "Win", and the webiste has been true so far.

Following are some facts about this website:
1. Payout is done via Paypal
2. The minimum payout limit is $5.50. This means that once you have this amount with you, you can request for a payout
3. The payment amount is calculated every Thursday or Friday.
4. The site works on a Points system. The point system is quite explicitly explained for every link they put up for clicks. Some clicks earn me 1 point while some others earn me 3 points.
5. The best part is that the ads (links for clicks) keep coming the whole day. So there is practically no limitations for making points. You can have ads for clicks in the morning... then some new ones during the day and even some more new ones later in the day. This sets Trek Pay apart from other PTC sites.

Sounds Intersting? Have a look here.


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