I got traffic to my website... what next?

Now that I have mentioned how to get traffic to your blog or website , the next thing that needs to be discussed is the fact that how does one make the visitor surf or stay on your website or blog. Well,the answer to this variess from visitor to visitor. The traficc pulling sites are great in case you just need traffic. But whether the visitor is a prospective client or not it depends on what the visitor is looking for and wht your website or blog is offering.

To get prospective clients to your site, there are a couple of ways -

1. Get your website or blog optimised.
Most of us have searched for information over the internet using some or search engine. Optimisation is the art  of getting higer rankings in the search results of the search engines. For this one needs to have the services of a professiona optimiser who will make modifcations and changes in your webiste which will enable your website or blog to appear higher in the search engine results pages.

2. You can also try manually placing links into search directories which are willing to advertise your site on their pages. There are two different kinds of such directories -
a. Free directories - They allow your advertisements to be included for free and on some occassions need your website or blog to link back to them in return. This a batter idea to start with if you are plannning to publicise your blog or webiste.
b. Paid inclusions - These directories ask for money and in return publish your advertisements on thier sites.

There are other methods of getting traffic to your website also. I will be discussing them in later posts.

Hope this post was useful to you.



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