Beware of Frauds on the Internet!

I joined Boodaq on 28th May 2009 after I had started recovering from my illness. I was vey much excited about the opportunities that offered.
The website promised that I could earn a huge amount just by clicking the emails that it sent me. I went on to follow the site and fond it an easy way of making money. I had been told by my doctors that I would be unable to lead a normal life and would have to spend almost the rest of my life at home. I was happy because if allthis was correct then I could earn some money and contribute towards the expenses. So I registered withthem as the registration there is free and waited to get mails from them. The mails started pouring in and soon I was happy that with the given rate of emails, reaching out the minimum payout with them.

They offer the following:
1. Free Membership - any one can join
2. A minimum payout of $10.00 - easy to achieve
3. $100.00 in your account when you join
4. Each paid e-mail is worth $10.00

All this seemed ok till I reched the minimum payout withthe. I was happy that I would get $10.00 into my paypal account. But it has been about 4 months now and they have not paid me a single dime. I know that this may sound stupid and wrong as their site basts of the Minimum Payout and other stuff. See the pics below for yourself -


Even the emails that I send them regarding the payments have never been replied. Here is one proof for it -

Hope you are not misled by the words that they say and the promises they make.


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