When Should I Ask for Payout from my PTC Site?

Hi all, I was suffering from fever and that is the reason that I could not post anything on the blog. A lot of things have changed within the last couple of days. Some of the sites have been suspended and I do not know why.

I had joined this PTC website last month and was hopeful that I would recieve the payment soon. The reason was quite simple. They had a very low payout and I had thought that I could reach the amount within a few weeks. And yes, I did that. I managed to get to the minimum amount on 31st October. But the amount was too less and I thought that as this site  is considered to be a legit site, I can wait for some more time to have a worthy amount.

Now, as I had reached the Payout Limit within a short span of time, I also recommeded this site to a couple of my friends and they joined without any questions. But...

The whole story changed on 3rd November. When I tried to log in for my daily clicks on the site, I was shocked to see that the site was suspended. What was more painful was the fact that I had an amount with them and I could have withdrawn the same if I wanted but...  Not only this, I had just recommended my friends who joined here without questions because I had shown them that I had reached the "Pay Me Now" stage and the link was active.... But, now everything was gone.

I learnt a lesson the hard way and this is a thing that all of us who are into making money on the internet should take care of - "Make Hay When The Sun Shines". I know that all of you are aware of the old adage but it is time to implement the same. Encash whatever you have whenever you can. You cannot depend on these sites to keep money with them.

I understand that what you would be thinking right now - "In this case, the overheads will be too high and I will be left with lesser income". Yes, this is a sad clause attached to it, but the fact is that you will have something at least. If you calculate, you would be surprised that you will just be paying a 0.01% extra to the middle-men (organizations like Paypal or Alertpay) who manage your earnings from the Internet. But at end you will have something which is quite better than losing everything and that includes - time, money, patience and maybe friends.

Hope this post will be of help. I would welcome your suggestions and feedback on the same.

Note: I have not mentioned the name of the site as I have not found the website  listed  as a scam. It might have been suspended due to whatever reasons, but I could not find its existence as a Scam or Fraud.


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