Beware Of Frauds on the Internet! The Case of 1Centemails

After months of trying out clicking for the various ads that they sent me, I have out another website that is a scam and hoax. The simple thing that I found out of late is that the Payout Button doesn’t get Active.

I had joined the 1centemails after I had started recovering from my illness. I had seen it getting advertised with other website – – where I was already a member. This was the first time that I was starting up with the Pay to Read marketing and had no idea that things can end up this way. My up-line here (on 1centemails) had mentioned proof of getting paid and had also flashed the pictures related to payment. This made me believe that this site could give me money as well. As I was in need of money, more at that time, I joined this website and soon the emails started pouring in.

If you care to read about the introduction or the message that has the potential to lure you into becoming a member, you would find that there is a mention of the following –

Low Minimum Payout – only 10USD
Lots of contests and Promotions
New: Instant Payout System

There is no mention when and how the payment will be done.

So I got started with the hopes that the USD 10 is an amount that can be reached given the fact that the number of emails sent by them was in the range of 10-15 per day. Even today, I have not closed my account and I still receive around 10 emails per day each of 1 cents.

I was happy when I reached the amount of USD 10 within a short span of time after joining with them and started dreaming of how to get that money and spend it. But this happiness was short lived as soon I realized that there is something very fishy. I noticed that the Request Payout Button did not get enabled on the webpage when I had earned USD10 in my account. I then waited for some more days for that to happen but when nothing happened, I decided to email and contact the support team.

It was a long wait and after that the only message that I received was that I would have to wait. The mail mentioned that I needed to wait for at least 30 working days after having the balance of USD10 in my account to get the Request Payout Button enabled or I could upgrade my account and become a Premium Member by paying them an amount of 69USD minimum . I was not counting the number of days till then but after reading this mail, I decided to keep track of the details.

Over the period I have sent them several emails and barring a few occasions they have never replied to me. I believe that the emails that they have sent are general emails sent to people to keep their hopes of getting paid alive.

Now I have stopped looking onto the account with themon a regular basis. I ocassionaly click an ad or so just to keep that account live so that some day I might get the payment.

Hope you benefit by this bad experience of mine and stay away from this website.


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