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Recently, I was searching for some methods of earning without much of Investment. As my readers might be aware, I have been in the house for quite about 2 years, jobless as they say (as I am not working at any office). My income source is low too and as such I cannot make initial investments to get into a full fledged home business.

One day, I came across a better idea. If I cannot work at an office outside the home, can’t I bring it into my house? How about starting an office straight from home? Well well, setting up an office might sound too much of an investment! Let me put it this way - "how about starting with what you have as an investment and a little amount of extra money?" And you can make some better amounts depending on the place where you stay or your contacts?

I was actually surfing for a Web Hosting Service Provider, as the contract with my earlier vendor (for my website Krishna Software Solutions) is nearing its end and I am not very happy with the services they are providing me to renew the contract. So I was in search of service providers who can provide me with some space at affordable costs. Whilst surfing, I came across a large number of websites. I found that most of them have Special Packages called - "Reseller Plans".

So What is a Reseller Plan?
Reseller is someone who buys something in bulk and then divides it and re-sells the bulk in chunks to various other people.
In this case, you purchase a bulk amount of web space on the server of your web space provider and then start re-selling parts of it to different clients.

How do I make Money here?
In most of the cases, if you plan to become a reseller, you have to purchase a package from the web hosting service provider. The rates may be a bit higher than they would have been in case you were purchasing the same amount of space just for yourself, but this is manageable.

Once you get the space from them, you start selling parts of this space as independent web packages. The parent organization gets business from this and pays you commissions. This is one side of the income. If you are honest and do not want to make more profits, you just start selling the space as per the rates prescribed by the parent organization. If you want to make more money, increase the amount for hosting packages offered by you. However, there are other add-ons that you can do to increase your income and not get into such a pitfall. Read on.

How much do I need to Invest?

Depending on the space and plans of hosting that you purchase, the monetary investment will vary. Apart from this initial and most essential investment, you will have to arrange for the following -
a. A furnished room where your clients can come and visit you,
b. A telephone that you can be contacted on by your clients,
c. A Letter Head, Visiting/Business Cards
d. Contacts of people who will be interested to have their websites hosted with you.

If you are like me (who is restricted in movements and has to stay in the house), you can also think of hiring a a sales agent who can help you in getting business. The salary can be negotiated on a per client basis or even as a percentage of total sales made. This depends on the arrangement between you and your employee.

How much can I Earn?
If you do only this part, that is, sell space, you will not make much profit, but yes, you will come out of the stigma that you are staying all the time at home and not working.
In case you are aware of web programming, or have a friend circle who is technically sound and aware of web programming, then you can increase your chances of making more money. This is the add-on in this plan of income.

Once you get the customers who will be interested in your web hosting service, you can ask them if they would like their website to be developed and maintained by your organization. In case they agree, you can quote higher prices (which will include costs of developing, managing, optimizing and also hosting) and provide them the services. The fact that the clients will get all the solutions at one place will keep them happy. You will be happy as you would be involved more in the work and this will increase your income.

Who are my Clients?
1. A word of caution here - DO NOT target the big shots as they would already be having a website of their own. You can start with providing services to those who are local to you and who can be approached easily.
2. In case you are planning to provide the website development facility too, start with simple websites that you can develop. Remember that you have to make your market and Brand Name first.
3. Lastly, avoid registering for Reseller Plans with not-so-known brands. This is because the not-so-known brands cannot be trusted in terms of providing efficient customer support to their clients. As you will be the middle-man, your clients will give you sleepless nights if their problems are not resolved soon. And if the problems are not resolved soon, this will spread a bad word of mouth for your business. So even if you have to invest a little more, go with the bigger names.

Oh yes, in case you plan to start with the simple Web Hosting Service and are not sure of finding suitable candidates for creating the web pages, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy in setting up a couple of websites for you.

Happy Earning.

Hope you will find this post of use to earn and start a business of your own. Please feel free to contact me or post your comments.



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