Website Building : Part I

These days, having a website has become more of a necessity than a luxury. But if I look back, about 10-15 years ago, it was considered to be a luxury. Well, things change and with that several luxuries convert to necessities.

Why do I need a website?
Well, the answer to this question varies from person to person. If you have a business you use your web site to showcase the products and services that you have on your business. Similarly if you are a professional you can use the site to showcase your talents. Writers can use website for writing out their text and showcasing them to the world. And if you are a student you can use your web site for learning purposes. So we can have a website to display and showcase our talents, products and services.

Where do I start from?
The first thing you have to do is identify the need of or purpose of having your web site. This is an essential to start with. This will determine a lot of things that will actually go into the design of your website.

The websites generally fall under the following broad categories –

  1. Business Websites – These are available for showcasing the products and services that the business or organization delivers. These are designed with special attention to highlighting the products and serviced being offered by the organization.
  2. Talent Showcases – These websites are also known as Portfolio Websites and they are mostly created by individuals, free lancers, and any one who wants to showcase his her talents to the visitors or use it to get some work. These are  web sites that focus more on the projects, assignments and other talents that the owner wishes to showcase.
  3. Tutorials – These websites offer online learning courses and can be designed based on the requirements of the course and also the budget of the person or organization who wants to provide these courses.
  4. E-Commerce Websites – These are the websites that allow you to buy or sell your products using the accepted methods of payment by the host. I have placed this as a separate category just because there are several business sites that do not by or sell directly. And similarly there are sites that do the buying and selling.
  5. Social Media - These are the websites that allow you to create societies on the Internet. Some examples are 
I have decided the Category! What Next?
Now, based on the category that you have selected, you have to write the content of the website, its pages and also collect the pictures that you would need to make the website attractive.

If you want to do everything on your website on your own, you need to learn some HTML, CSS to start with. Just in case you are not into all this, do not worry. Just prepare the content, collect the images and the page layouts (just mere sketches on paper will do).

Where to get the images and other stuff?
DO NOT copy images or contents from the websites of others. Instead, buy them or use them from different websites that allow you to. Some of the great sites for stock photos are –

Once done, you will need to find a place where you can host your website. I will be discussing this in the next post.

Note: If you are interested to have a website of your own build by professionals, you can email me or visit krishna software solutions.


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