Work and Earn From Home - Part I

When I started recovering from the severe attack of Arthritis that had made me bed-ridden for more than six months, I had only one thought on my mind - "What to do to earn". I do not belong to an affluent family and am on my own. My wife works as a Computer Trainer and her income was the only source of funds coming in to the home. I could realise that she was under a lot of pressure as her income was barely enough to meet all the new recurring expenses that were forced upon us due to my illness. My savings were also getting spent on the various tests and medicined required. I was desperate and feeling helpless on my incapabilities to participate in the expenses.

One fine day I realised that I had been into computing for quite a long time and had varied exposure to diferent programming languages. Several students in my locality are doing their Bachelors and / or Masters in computer Science. I felt that I can help them in doing their practicals and also share my experiences as a Software Team Lead that I had gained over the past years in my career.

Luckily one day one of the students of my wife came to visit us. I asked him that if he was interested, I could help him in his studies. He readily accepted the offer and in return I asked him to spread a word in the locatlity that I am giving out tutions on a couple of subjects like C, C++ and Web Programming. Those interested could contact me.

As luck would have it, I had about 10 students in the next 15 days. I was happy that I could start earning again and contribute my share in the family. As on today, I have 15 students on a regular basis and some others keep coming in for shorter courses. And I am able to earn some 4,000 to 5,000 INR just from training the students at home.

I feel that all of us have a talent or attribute that makes us special and stand out of the rest. The only thing essential is to identify that hidden talent. Then we have to identify the people who can benefit with this knowledge of ours and once we identify a few such persons, we can start off with imparting training to them. In most of such training sessions, the trainer doesnt need to venture out.

So identify your hidden talent or skill. Then find the candidates who can be interested in making use of that talent or skill. Then contact them and God Willing you will have a source of income from home with minimum of investments.

Good Luck!!!

Hope you found this post of interest and use. I always welcome your suggestions and comments.


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