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Most of us who have a blog or a website are always on the lookout of getting traffic to their website. I too own a website and have been on the lookout for getting traffic to it. I have laready tried some Search Engine Optimization but the fact is that this will take its own time to get effective.

Google and other search engines do provide the facilities of buying sponsored links but I am unwilling to invest any amount. The reason is that I do not have the funds to spare. Most of us will not want to spend money to get noticed on the search engines. The other logic is that I understand (and believe that many of the internet users too understand) that the paid and sponsored links are to be avoided while searching for any information. So if I am unwilling to click on the sponsored links, I have to believe that none on the Internet will. This is another reason that I avoid the paid links system. Again, I work from home and as such, it is just a small business in which I do not want to invest. I want to earn first and then think of investing to make the business grow.

I had been searching for alternatives using which I can get traffic to my website. Recently I found a webiste that mentions the following -
1. Human Clicking. This is great for a website or blogs. This ensures that you do not have visitors from one computer or the same IP. So in case you have google Adsense on your blog or website, you can remain free from tensions.
2. Method - They send emails containing links for your page or blog to others. In return they expect you to check the links from others to you. This means, it works benefitting all.
3. As they allow you to create an account fro free, they have some limitations too.But I think that these have to be accomodated as I get the service for free. Rules like - you should not have any porn content on thesite, there should not be any popups, you need to click for some adverts on the site to gain points and hits.

Well, in case you feel that this is a better way to get some traffic, or would like to know more, then please follow the links to see for yourself -

Hope you find these useful and get benefitted. 
Oh yes, I joined the sites a few days back and had 40 visitors within 3 days.


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