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In today's post, I am going to tell you about another website that is a scam. I know that I have put up an article on this blog using which you can easily find out whether a website is a scam or not, but this website, I had joined it much earlier and I was expecting this one to be a scam too.

You might be wondering in case I knew it was a scam, why did I join the site at the start? Well, as i mentioned in the earlier post, I joined this website just because my up-line, the one who referred me to this site is a good friend of mine. I know him personally and I had told him about the site being a scam but it was late and he had joined this website. Now, just for the sake of friendship I joined this website and was honest to the friend as well as the site.

I reached the Payout Limit in November last year. (Again, why the heck did I take so long to publish this scam!). I told my friend that I had reached the Minimum Payout and now I had even asked for the payment. The payment that the site mentioned was about 5000.00 USD. (See the huge amount involved? This is what made me believe that this website was a scam). My friend on the other hand was yet to reach the minimum payout limit as he was involved in some of his assignments and did not manage to do his share of assignments on the SWEETPTR website. So all I had to do was to wait.

I did not want to mess up the things for my friend by exposing the fraud done by this website. Again, I thought, why not contact the admin of the site for the payment. I was promptly replied by an email that stated that it would take ONE month before they can pay me! (Another point that proves that SweetPtr is a scam site). I was glad that at least they cared to reply to my query and that too quite instantaneously.

So I waited for the due date to reach and when the date passed, I again contacted my friend who was of the belief that this site will pay just because the admin had cared to respond to my email. In the meantime, he too had reached the minimum payout limit and had applied for the same. So we both decided to wait for another month or so, just to ensure that my friend also gets a chance to be paid.

After a long long wait, I got another email from the admin and you won’t believe it, this email was just a replica of the earlier email that I had received. From this, I got the clear idea that the website has got an auto response feature installed for all the emails or contacts that are being sent to them and they send the same email to all. The next thing that is to be noted is the fact that the email stays on their list and they keep sending you an email just to avoid your rejection and at the same time keep you in belief that the site is legit and will do the payment soon.

So here is the modus operandi of the sweetptr site -
They lure you into the registration process by telling you that the registration is free and you can earn 1000.00 USD per week. 
Here is how -

You get a sign up bonus of 25.00 USD. You get 10.00 USD per email that you read on from their website. And lastly you also get a 30% referral bonus.

If by now you dont feel lured enough to get started and care reading down, their website states that the free members will get paid once they have accumulated an amount of 5000.00 USD  in their account with sweetptr. This amount is reachable within 5-7 weeks of your registration with them. You are also promised a 2.00 USD for every person who signs up with sweetptr under you. All this makes you believe that the things are going to be great and you should start with them as soon as possible.

The problem starts when you have reached the promised minimum payout limit of 5000.00 USD. Once you have that amount accumulated in your account, the Pay Me (or Redeem) button gets available in your profile. You feel happy to have that button available and you click it expecting the payment. But after some days, when you don’t get the amount, you send out an email to them and they respond telling you that you have to wait for about 30 days before getting paid. Alternatively, in case you don’t want to wait that long, you can pay an amount of 199 USD and get the following benefits
Free Gift "Notebook Lenovo G530 T4200 3GB 320GB LED"
Instant Payout within few seconds to Paypal, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve,
AlertPay (other payment methods within 24-48 hours).

The SweetPtr has being playing it safe. They have kept the payout amount reasonably small as compared to some of the other PTR sites. They have also kept the duration to reach the minimum payout lesser than some of its competitors. So even if you reach the minimum payout and leave as you will not get paid, it will not affect them... they already would have done their business.

So the moral of the story is that you can keep cheating the people if you keep the things short. In the long run... Don’t ask me. We definitely need some organization on the internet to keep a watch on these sites.


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