Win A set of Simulated Diamond Earrings by Advertising

Every new website needs visibility in its initial days and even some quality backlinks. Many new websites dedicate a page on their website for this purpose and take the help of Click Exchange websites. But I recently found a website that did something exciting than this and yes it was an interesting information that I am sharing here in this post.

While searching for some websites related to diamond stud earrings, I landed up on this website - Nothing special about this webiste that makes it stand apart from its competition. However what I noticed was its business plan that makes it really apart from others.

On the home page it says that It is currently running a special offer - it is going to provide a beautiful set of simulated diamond earrings to everyone having an account with twitter, facebook or myspace page, blog, youtube, etc. To be eligible the only thing that the participant has to do is put up a link to the above website. Also, the participant should be willing to pay the $3.77 for postage and handling. Simple. This offer runs for a limited period only and the particpant can participate and take home as many sets as links s/he is able to put on.

This is what makes the website stand apart from the others of its niche. While many other websites are busy doing the SEO to get to the top of the search engines and paying out for advertisements of their websites, the website has used its own resources to generate an interest among the visitors to spread the brand name. It is quite likely that they would have a large number of backlinks and visibility in their initial days. This is what needs to be learnt from this entire exercise of theirs.


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