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Well, I have been lucky to have many friends on the internet and some of them have their own websites  that interest me.

Today I am going to share some information about a website, singlemomearningonline Actually this is a website run by one of my long time friends Eve. She is from Philippines and is into Web-template design, SEO, online PTCs and much more.

The reason I include her website in the featured Website Section is that I feel that somewhere our blogs are related. I have been often writing about PTCs and she has got this dedicated blog to showcase her experiences and other creative ideas.

You would find many informative posts on legitimate work from home opportunities, available free jobs online and legit data entry jobs through freelancing, free to join affiliate sites and programs, making money, blogging tips and more.

Quite useful and handy! What do you think?

Join A Contest?
At the moment there is a contest running on this blog of hers where anyone can participate for free. There are just two requirements that you need to meet  - 

1. Have a blog of yours and
2. Follow her blog to get participating.

What is the Contest About?
The contest is about writing a blog post on your blog on a website diamondearrings.org with the words diamond stud earrings acting as an anchor text to their website. Simple enough. If you are unsure about how to use the words as anchor text you can simply copy and paste the following in the required location -
<a href="http://www.diamondearrings.org/">diamond stud earrings</a>

What do I write About?
Well, that is entirely up to you. However you are not allowed to write about this contest to get participation. You can write about their website, their products or anything that suits you. Use your creativity and get started into the contest.

What about the Prize -
Of course, there is money for the winner.
Though you can get the complete details on her website, here is a copy of the same -

$25 for the best blog post - This is to be selected by diamondearrings.org, the organizers of the contest
$25 for another blog post winner - this is to be chosen by Eve and this would be done randomly using random.org
$25 for the top referrer of this contest - status will be posted at the bottom of the related post at singlemomearningonline.com

Is that all?
No, after you have made your post on your blog, you have a small last thing to do to get your entry registered - After writing a blog post, just make a comment on this post at her blog which will be your entry for this contest. Only one entry allowed per blog. This means that if you have multiple blogs, you can have multiple entries there and this increases your chances of winning.

What goes in the comment?
Oh this is the important part. You have to put this as the comment on the page (simply copy it and change the blog post url to the one corresponding to your post on your blog)-
Referred by: http://geniuzs.blogspot.com/
Blog post: the complete url of the blog post you made

Thats all. You are in.

Happy Participation and may the best one win!


Win A set of Simulated Diamond Earrings by Advertising

Every new website needs visibility in its initial days and even some quality backlinks. Many new websites dedicate a page on their website for this purpose and take the help of Click Exchange websites. But I recently found a website that did something exciting than this and yes it was an interesting information that I am sharing here in this post.

While searching for some websites related to diamond stud earrings, I landed up on this website - www.diamondearrings.org. Nothing special about this webiste that makes it stand apart from its competition. However what I noticed was its business plan that makes it really apart from others.

On the home page it says that It is currently running a special offer - it is going to provide a beautiful set of simulated diamond earrings to everyone having an account with twitter, facebook or myspace page, blog, youtube, etc. To be eligible the only thing that the participant has to do is put up a link to the above website. Also, the participant should be willing to pay the $3.77 for postage and handling. Simple. This offer runs for a limited period only and the particpant can participate and take home as many sets as links s/he is able to put on.

This is what makes the website stand apart from the others of its niche. While many other websites are busy doing the SEO to get to the top of the search engines and paying out for advertisements of their websites, the diamondearrings.org website has used its own resources to generate an interest among the visitors to spread the brand name. It is quite likely that they would have a large number of backlinks and visibility in their initial days. This is what needs to be learnt from this entire exercise of theirs.

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