Create Free Website Using Google Sites: Part I

Geocities is closed. About 75 Million web pages that were hosted with Geocities have gone down. The results can be severe just because so many websites are down. It is speculated that the SEO market will be revamped as Google is deciding on newer policies for the Optimization of Websites. It is heard that this time the Page Load factor will also be playing an important role in the page rankings from Google. Whatever it is, the benefit for the consumers or the visitors on the internet will be that the pages will load fast and quick... even for those with lesser speed of connectivity.

Now that geocities is gone, I was wondering where will people look for when they are need of websites for free? The obvious answer that came to my mind was Google Sites. The reasons for me to think this way are quite obvious - Google has been there for quite several years now and owns a major share of the search engines. So in the coming articles, I will be providing you information on how to build your own website with Google sites for free.

Do I Need A Web Space?
But as usual the first question that you should be asking is - "Do You Really Need a Web Space?” With all the social media sites that have been allowing you to showcase yourself on the internet, the availability of free blogs, the availability of online forums, online board rooms..... Do you still need more? If you are undecided then here is why you should go for a website -

1. A Student - If you are a student who is learning Web Development then you should have a web space. Apart from testing out, this will help you in practically understanding how the things work when you are working with real-time servers. You also come to know of the actual problems that you will be facing while working for clients.

2. A Freelancer - If you are a free lancer, you will need space on the web to create pages where you can put up some of your talents, skills, resume and all other things. You can also go for advertising yourself and this is going to help you in the long run. Blogs are okay but having a website that talks just about you and your expertise is something which is always appreciated.

3. An Organization - The organizations and companies always are in need of web space. They use the web space to reach out to their clients and increase their productivity. They also go for web space so that they can build an online community for their employees which can be used to add value to their organization.

4. An Advertiser - I know people who have been members of various social media sites and they use them to publicize their products or try catching referrals to build their down line. It seems okay as you might argue that social sites are to get social and make networks but on personal ground I think that the real sense of networking via social sites gets defeated when someone just sends spam messages asking you to join their network. I recommend them to use the web space for this purpose.

The Plus of Free Web space
1. There are no costs involved to rent the web space.
2. No Costs to pull up and register for a domain.
3. There is minimum of coding that is required. So even if you are unaware of the basics of website development, you can create a website for your own.
4. On the effectiveness aspect - You can showcase whatever you would have just like a normal website.
5. You are not bothered by the page rank, or the SEO factors that you would be concerned with, had your website been hosted on a Service Provider. This means you can opt for the other non-seo methods of bringing traffic to your free website. (Though I do not recommend it, but this can be done).

The Minus of Free Web Space
Yes, there are always two sides of a coin. And free web space does have its negatives too.
1. Your website will always be displayed within another website. This does have a negative with organizations or companies. So they should avoid getting their websites on such free web space providers.
2. The free web space providers do not provide you with support for server side scripting tools like the php or This has severe implications. You cannot create your own forms to store visitor feedback or information.
3. The free web space providers provide you with a fixed amount of space for a website - usually 100mb. This is okay to start with but in the long run, you may feel that this space is not enough.
4. The free web space providers generally do nor allow you to use the same name for the site after a year. This also creates a problem for those who want their websites to stay online for longer duration.

Getting Started with Google Sites
If you are decided to have a free web space for yourself, you can follow up the posts and by the time we are done, you will have you very own personal website with Google.

1. To start using Google sites, all you need is to have a Google account. An account with them can exist for any of their services. The best and most common used service is Google Mail. Create a gmail account if you do not have any.
2. I would recommend that you decide the theme or purpose of having your website. This will help you in doing the groundwork beforehand and you will be happy that you have had all the information with you before starting with the creation of your site. This can be the various Images, Text, Links, Sitemap and other things. Start Collecting.

In these tutorials, I will be explaining you how to create site for showcasing your personal and professional self to the world out there.

Good Luck.


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