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"I have a passion to write. How can I use this passion of mine to earn money over the Internet?"

This is in continuation of my posts where I have been providing you with information on how to earn on the internet. There are many different ways available and in this article I will be discussing about the methods that you can use to earn using your writing skills.

Yes, writing skills also are a great means of making money on the internet. You might be surprised to know that during the beginner phase itself, you can  earn about 10 USD per day just by writing for people on the internet.

What Do I Need?

To start a career as a free lance writer, you must have the following in your arsenal -

a. Thorough knowledge of the language in which you plan to start you writing career. Select any language for writing but whichever language you select, you must be able to write in that language without any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Any document or write-up which contains grammatical errors or the spelling mistakes is considered as junk and has the highest chances of getting rejected at the very outset.

b. A Word Processor Software - Any word processor software application that can be used to write and modify documents is also a must have. Commercial Applications like Microsoft Word or the Free / Open source Applications like Open Office are great to start with. You can also avail any other word processor.

Note: Before deciding on the correct application, you must check for the availability and support for the language in which you are planning to write in the application. The application must have special tools like the grammar checker and spelling checker. If it comes pre-bundled with a thesaurus and a dictionary, then it is better.

c. A computer with an internet connection. This is to be used to publish the content that you have written on the internet.

What Do I Write About?
In case you are interested in technical write-ups go for writing technical stuff. In case it is travel that you are comfortable with, write about the travel destinations.... The list is endless. What is important is the fact that you should start writing with what you are comfortable with. Writing about anything that comes naturally to you will help you earn a name in the field and this will help you in getting assignments related to your interest.

Tips While Writing:

1. Internet has a vast collection of information available at figure tips and it is quite easy for anaspiring newbie to copy and collect information from there for publication. Take care and avoid not to copy and paste information that is already published on the internet. Copying information and sending it across is not preferred in the field of creative writing and you will earn no credits for being a copycat.

2. Do not worry if what you are writing about has already been written earlier. What has been written earlier, the chances are that it has been used earlier. You should concentrate on writing with your own personal touch and if all goes well you will build a niche for your own self soon.

I have written Content! How Do I Make Money?

Well, here you have to be your own salesperson. There are several websites that offer you a platform to showcase your writing talents and it is here that you are quite likely to get your first customers. See the list below.

Once you have started with them and have some clients, you would also like to expand your outreach. In this case, you will have to register yourself with free lancing websites that allow you to bid on the proposals of others. I recommend you to join these websites at a later stage just because on these websites, you might have to write as per the requirements of the buyers and you might not feel comfortable doing this at the start. To succeed in these websites, you need to have an experience and you can show your work from the other websites as experience.

For those who want to directly get into the bidding websites and start making money, I would recommend them to have a Blog of their own where they can write about topics that interests them. This blog can then be used to display the experience when required by the buyers on the bidding websites.

List of some Websites -
1. Associated Content: Publish anything and wait to get purchased
2. Shvoong: Publish anything and wait to get purchased
3. Get A Free Lancer: Bid to get writing projects
4. Rent A Coder: Bid to get writing projects
5. O Desk: Bid to get writing projects

Happy earning


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