Utilizing a Scam PTC Site to get Traffic!

I discuss about a website that was considered as a scam by its registered users as it did not pay. Here is how you can use the website to bring traffic to your website… 

I was referred to join, Romeo-Bux, a Paid-to-Click (PTC) Website by a friend on a social site. I joined Romeo-Bux on his reference as I have a lot of faith on this virtual friend of mine who has been referring me to join PTC sites that are considered as Legit. On some of his referral sites I am nearing the minimum payout limit as well. I will be publishing those sites and their information only after I have been paid from them into my Paypal or AlertPay Accounts.

When I joined this particular website, Romeo-Bux, I had joined purely on the basis of trust and regard for my up-line friend. But as luck would have it, two days later, I got a message from my friend that the website was a scam and there was a particular clause in its Terms of Service (TOS) that the earnings on the site cannot be withdrawn out of the site. Instead, the amount that you earn can be used to purchase their different schemes to advertise or showcase your website. At the start, I was disappointed to read this message from my, as I was eying a quick payment from this site. But as luck would have it, the site was now branded as a scam. My friend was really sorry for the inconvenience caused by all this.

Then I started reading the TOS of Romeo-Bux and was happy to find that the site offers great deals for earning and also using the same in advertising your website.

Earnings on Romeo-Bux -
To summarize their Earning schemes For Free Members are as follows -
1. There are at least 30 ads to view per day - This increases the chances of quick earning
2. The ads are of 20 seconds of duration - This means you do not waste much time on viewing ads
3. The amount paid per click is 0.01 USD
4. Minimum Payout Request is 1.00 USD - This is the trap which makes you register with the website

Following is the text as on Point 11 on the TOS page of Romeo-Bux


This clears it all. No amount can be moved out of the website and as such you have spent all your earnings within the site and that too purchasing the ADs.

Advertising options for free members:

1. 50 clicks for $2.00
2. 100 clicks for $4.00
3. 200 clicks for $8.00
4. 300 clicks for $12.00
5. 1000 clicks for $30.00
6. 5000 clicks for $150.00
7. 10000 clicks for $300.00

What I Did -

So what I did was this - I worked on my earnings on this website on a regular basis and made the $2.00 in my account. Then I used this money, that was with them, to purchase advert spots for my website. I have been getting a couple of visitors on my website from here.

What Do I Gain?

A question you might be eager to ask is "What do I gain at the end of it?"
If you are concerned about the fact that this will increase your page rank, I am sorry that will never help you in attaining a better page rank. Yes, it will help you in exposing your web page to many without much of an investment. All the websites which are new and want to get noticed should use this as a tool to market their website at the start or launch of the website.

In the long run, the SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is the correct and authentic way to promote your website.

Hope you get some traffic using such websites too. I welcomeyou feedback and suggestions or comments on the post.



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