Publicize Your Website - Part I: Directory Submissions and PTCs

How to go about publicizing your website without getting into the White Hat and Black Hat SEO? How do you start getting traffic and force the Search Engines to start indexing your website...

Many of us who are into website development need to think about different strategies of getting the website exposed to the clients so that the reach of the website can be maximum. 

There are different ways suggested by the Web Gurus. The most authentic and appreciated one is the Search Engine optimization which basically means making modifications in the web-pages so that the search engines like Google and Others can readily create a database of the information presented in the web page and then deliver the web page url to the prospects who are in need of the page.

The SEO is a very slow process and this takes about a minimum of 6 months to get effective. The reasons of this delay are many but the most essential is the fact that the bots of the search engines do not crawl the internet on a daily basis. This means that it will take some time to get the website indexed and cached by the search engine. So what do you do till then? You must remember that you have already invested an amount in getting the domain space, creation of the website and as such you should start giving the exposure your website needs.

In the world of SEO there are two different sects - The White Hat SEO and the Black Hat SEO. The White Hat one is the group of people who follow the rules by the book and the Black Hat SEO are the set of people who do not hesitate in breaking the rules of the SEO. The search engines especially Google takes a serious note of this and can also ban your website in case it detects that you are doing some Black Hat SEO on your website.

So Here is how you can work out a strategy for publicizing your website without getting into the delays of the White Hat SEO and at the same time keep away from the Black HAT SEO.

1. Register with some Web Directories:
There are a lot of web directories available on the internet that you can use to publicize your website. These directories are like yellow pages where web masters can place ads of their websites in the desired categories. There are two different web-directories that are available for use on the Internet - 

a. The Free Web Directories - These will accept your adverts for free and will keep your advert posted on the website for about 6-12 months. Most of them would visit your website (the url that you have place the ad for) and will take about 2 weeks to 2 months for approval of your website. Once your website is approved, you will be sent an email containing the details of the advert that you had booked with them and their visitors can find you.  Some of them, however, need you to put a Back Link on your website.  

b. The Paid Inclusions: These are the directories that need you to pay an amount to get listed and this amount varies from directory to directory and the package of advertisement that you opt for. In these the inclusion is done as soon as they have received the payment.

2. Use the PTCs: This is the second method of publicizing your website. In these cases, you use the services of Paid to Click websites that will flash your ads to the visitors. These sites have a lot of users who are registered with them just for the sake of the clicking adverts and getting payments. This method helps to get traffic to your website no doubt, but there are chances that you will rarely find a potential customer from them. I do not say that you will not find one, but what I mean is that the chances are remote. The reason is quite simple and obvious - The people who are with them and viewing the ads, are not viewing the ads for the sake of finding useful information. Instead, they are using the services and viewing the ads with an aim of earning and that’s all. So if you have a product that helps them in making more money, you are more likely to get some potential customers.
The PTCs publish your adverts in lieu of some money. Now you can join them and earn and then use the same money to buy adverts or in case you want you can just pay them from your pocket.

3. The Website Traffic Generators - These are the third category of services on the internet that you can use to generate the initial traffic to your website. The people who use such services are mostly webmasters and as such you must keep in mind that the chances of getting potential customers for your products and services are negligible from these websites. The working method here is similar to those of PTC. You can view the ads on these sites and use the clicks earned to buy or book advert spots for your WebPages.

The Result:
Among all the three methods, the submission of a website to a web directory is most fruitful in terms of getting quality traffic to your website. The other two methods are good to get traffic only. You might be wondering now is "What Good the Traffic Will Be if it is not Potential Customers?"

Well, there is a secret involved here - Search Engines are not yet smart enough to find out what happens when the visitor comes to your site. They are interested ion the number of times your website has been visited and this helps them in maintaining when to crawl your website. As for my personal experience, my website was launched in March 2009 and did not have any page rank. Then I started using the methods described above, and in three months, my website traffic had increased to 600 visitors per month. Now my website has a page rank of 0. It is better than having nothing for the long time it has been there. The next thing is that I also had a few queries from the visitors regarding the services that I provide on my website.



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