I Got Traffic to my Website / Blog... What Next? Part 2

In my earlier posts I had mentioned a method of getting traffic to your website (Get Visitors to Your Blog or Website for Free) and also what to do next (I got traffic to my website... what next?). In this post I will be telling you about another method to keep that traffic on your website.

Before that there are a few things that you have to keep in mind-
1. The visitor who is surfing on the traffic-webiste will be more interested in getting more credits like you so that he can promote his website.
2. The promoting website will display your page for a very small time averaging about 30 seconds. This means that you have approximately 10 seconds in which you have to have your page loaded. I say 10 seconds because the remaining time has to be given to the user to scan through the page.
3. Within the next 10-20 seconds that you have, you have to communicate to the user about your product and draw him into the page.

: Use the graphic images to emphasise the Product and Theme of the page. What I mean is that you should have images of the product that your page promotes and to which the traffic is being directed to. A word of caution here - When working with graphic images DO NOT over do them. Keep the number of images to the barest minimum level so that the pages load fast and quick.

Colors: Use a rofessional color combination for the background and foreground. Keep the colors to the lighter side so that the users do not get upset by seeing bright colors. Use eye-soothing but attractive colors.

Fonts: Use fonts effectively and use the Heading tags of HTML to classify the different sections of the webpage. This will be effective in highlighting the attributes or feaures of the product.

Testimonials: Most of the web users feel satisfied if there are some testimonials available on the page. Technically speaking, I would not support having many testimonials on the page because many of the users who are surfing via the sites are professionals and would hardly have time to read them. But having a couple of testimonials is essential as later when you are emailing the pages as solo ads, these will go to the clients who can be interested. Again having a set of testimonials on youe actual page willnot harm you.

Hope this post has some value to you.
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